Discover why 98% of Dieters Fail

Don't be duped by the food industry, bad habits, or nutritional misunderstandings. Let's take control of your nutrition once and for all!

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In this 225 page Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Education

    What the food industry is doing to sabotage your results. And how to fight back.

  • Adaptation

    How to adapt each series of guidelines for your unique circumstances and preferences.

  • Implementation

    How to change your habits permanently with a step-by-step implementation schedule.

  • 17 Power Foods Checklist

    Easy-to-use checklist to remind you to get these super foods in your diet weekly.

  • Nutriscribe-28

    A 28-day meal plan with weekly shopping lists.

  • Recipes

    Over 60 Gluten-Free, Organic recipes!

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Ebook

I used to religiously count calories, but Nutriscribe cleared up several things that made me realize why this wasn't working. Three months after reading this book I'm down 40 lbs and 4 dress sizes. And I'm fully able to maintain my diet following the guidelines Nutriscribe described.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams Nutriscriber

In trying to not get on the band wagon and follow the latest craze to lose weight and be in better shape, I was hesitant to buy this book. But I did and an enjoying the REAL recipes and the short concise description of fat/metabolism/exercise and why we crave concept. I am looking forward to trying more of the recipes as the Cobb sandwich and quinoa ones have been easy and very kitchen friendly. Meaning I had the ingredients and didn't struggle over making it. If a person is to embrace eating healthier foods it helps to have easy recipes and not need the Joy of Cooking to understand the terms. Fitness and healthy living are the crux of this book, well done.

Theresa Nutriscriber

As a 15 year fitness trainer and wellness coach, my clients are always looking for a simple, user friendly resource to recall info and nutrition topics we cover. Finally a worthy nutrition and recipe guide!

Fredie Martinez
Fredie Martinez Master Trainer

Great recipes. Love the turkey meatloaf and enchiladas. Also really informative and helpful in introducing a solid weight loss plan.

Michelle Nutriscriber

As a former bodybuilder, I was reluctant to shift my diet the way Nutriscribe recommended (especially the increase in fat intake!). But I can honestly say that after following this for 6 weeks now I've gained (and maintained) the most muscle & strength ever (even without all of the supplements!). It's become very easy for me to make this part of my natural lifestyle.

Paul Kingston
Paul Kingston Nutriscriber

I love they way this book adapts the guidelines based on my body type, fitness goals, gender, and even blood type. I've started integrating more of the "precision" specific guidelines and feel amazing. I feel like I have the same amount of energy as when I used to drink loads of caffeine, but without the dreaded crash.

Sean S.
Sean S. Nutriscriber

This book will definitely challenge every position you've taken on nutrition. Whether it be Atkins, Paleo, "Organic", or even "Gluten-Free", Nutriscribe does a great job explaining why what you're currently doing isn't working. And then gives you a wide range of tools and strategies to change your eating behavior.

Amy Gibson
Amy Gibson Nutriscriber

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